Ballinacor Estate, Greenane, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Phone: +353 404 46186 | email: | Web:

About Ballinacor Estate

Situated about 5 kilometres from Rathdrum, Ballinacor House was built by the Kemmis family in the early 19th century. The present owners, Sir Robert & Lady Goff, bought Ballinacor Estate in 2001 as a working farm and shoot. The two-storey house underwent an extensive renovation and modernisation project, which was completed in 2009. This renovation was sympathetic to the time in which the house was built and is furnished appropriately. The estate has a strong tradition of driven shooting. We have game records going back well over 100 years. Grouse were previously shot on the estate, and it is hoped to revive the moor in future years.

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